I have just picked and paid for all of my transportation for the rest of my trip! It was a lot of money, I am glad that I have been working so hard to save up!

I’m flying to Hong Kong on the 25th of February and then I’m going to take trains all through China to see lots of different things (Shanghai, Tibet, Beijing, the Great Wall and all sorts of other stuff!) and then I’m flying to Thailand! In Thailand, I’m going to see my mom (Yahoo! I miss her!) for a week and then I’m traveling by myself to a country called Cambodia where there are a bunch of incredibly old and incredibly big temples called Angkor Wat. I go back to Thailand and then I will take a flight to visit my friend Elinor in Israel for two weeks. After that, I fly to a country called Hungary in Europe and then I’ll take trains through 6 different countries: Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, then a flight from Berlin to Paris and then a flight from Paris back to New York!

Whew! I will be exhausted by the time I make it home! My arrival date is August 19th and I am really happy to know when I’m going to be back in New York. It seems like a long time from now but when I think about how fast the past seven months have gone by, I figure that the next six will go even faster!

I wanted to give you an update, I miss you all so much!

Lots of love,
Miss Young