Hello, Chickadees!

I don’t have a lot of time to write right now (ha, ha, “write” and “right”!) but I wanted to share my photos of China with you! I’ve written captions on all of them describing where they were taken and why I took the picture. I hope you enjoy them!

Here is the link, I hope it works!

China was such an interesting place! I’m not sure I would want to live there but there were lots of great things. The food was AMAZING! Chinese people are really big on snacking so people are always carrying around food and buying food and eating food on the street! My favorite street foods were probably roasted sweet potatoes (people make a fire in a big metal barrel and then roast potatoes right on the street!) and steamed pork buns with spongy bread on the outside and a pork meatball in the middle. Yum, yum!

I will post pictures of Thai New Year next. It was my favorite of all the holidays I have seen in Asia. To represent renewal and new beginnings, people splash each other with water. It turns into a big watergun fight over the whole city! It was especially nice since the weather here is hot right now: over 100 degrees! Being splashed with water felt really nice!

I miss you all and I know you are doing great in 3rd grade! Let me know how you are by writing to me!

Lots of love,

Miss Young