Today I am leaving Thailand for 3 weeks to go to a country called Cambodia which is right next door to Thailand! I’ll be coming back to Thailand for 2 weeks on the beach once I’m finished. My “visa” is about to run out for Thailand! Remember, that a “visa” in this case is like a permission slip to be in the country? When I first got to Thailand I had 28 days to spend here and since that time is almost out, I need to go somewhere else. Once I leave for a little bit I get another 28 days whenever I want! While I’m waiting in the airport,  I wanted to share something interesting with you.

Have you heard of the volcano in Iceland? Here is a story about it from today’s New York Times. Because of the ash from the volcano, there are no planes going in or out of Europe! The plane’s engines can get damaged from the volcanic ash (made of silica, like little bits of glass) so the safest thing is to keep the planes on the ground.

Now, am I going to Europe? No, I’m not, Cambodia is still in Asia. Thank goodness! But there are hundreds of people at the Bangkok Airport waiting to go home to Europe! I feel so bad for them, all of the flights to their homes are cancelled! I can hear people talking to each other in line for new tickets; they are speaking French, German, English and even languages that I can’t pick out! The line stretches aaaaaallllllll the way down the big airport terminal, I think it must be hours of waiting for them. Everyone around me in the internet cafe is talking to one another about how to get to different places by a shorter plane flight and then buses, trains or by renting cars. 😦 I hope they don’t have animals waiting for them at home!

I’m glad my flight to Europe (I have to go through Berlin on my way to Tel Aviv) isn’t until June 1st! I hope the volcano is finished spewing ash by then! 🙂

Lots of love,

Miss Young

P.S. The cool thing about the links to the maps I put up is that you can zoom in or out and see the cities up close or from far away! Cool!