I know, I know, I know….there hasn’t been an update in LOOOOOOOOONG time. That is my fault, I’m sorry. I have been doing so much traveling that it has been hard to slow down and find the time to write! Also, in a lot of the countries I have been in, the wordpress website has been blocked and people aren’t allowed to use it, even if they are writing a blog for their beloved students! Harrumph!

But a big new post is on the way. I have finally made it to Europe! I’m in Prague, in the Czech Republic and boy is it beautiful! Since I last wrote I have had TONS of adventures to tell you about so I have a lot to write down and organize.  I also have a big announcement to make and I’m thinking of you all during your LAST WEEK OF 3RD GRADE!!!! Can you believe you are a whole year older than when I left? The time goes by so quickly!

Have a great last week of school! I am writing a big post now and I’ll be ready to put it up once I get to a place called Slovenia, which is next on my world tour!

Lots of love, 

Miss Young